Accessible Transportation

Access to public transportation is one of the biggest issues for people with disabilities in our century. Without accessible transportation, many people with disabilities simply cannot get to school or the workplace, hindering their full participation in society. Accessibility features in public transportation benefit non-disabled people too. A few examples include: A lift or ramp… Continue reading Accessible Transportation

Disability Inclusive Education in Emergencies

Guide for Government, NGOs, International Agencies The Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) Task Team on Inclusive Education and Disability has developed a Pocket Guide to Inclusive Education, entitled Education in Emergencies: Including Everyone. The booklet guides users in making educational services during during conflicts, disasters, or other humanitarian emergencies accessible for everyone. It is targeted… Continue reading Disability Inclusive Education in Emergencies

Human Rights Instruments for Children with Disabilities

Introduction Children with disabilities face discrimination and accessibility barriers both related to their disability and also related to their age. Many programs meant to benefit children are inaccessible for children with disabilities. Meanwhile, programs meant to benefit people with disabilities may not meet the needs of children with disabilities. Protecting the human rights of children… Continue reading Human Rights Instruments for Children with Disabilities

Parent Empowerment

Introduction Parent participation in the education of children with disabilities is a core concept of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the U.S. civil rights law that requires schools to meet the educational needs of children with disabilities. IDEA recognizes that family involvement has a profound influence on how children do in school and… Continue reading Parent Empowerment

Action Planning Tools

As people with disabilities and disability rights advocates, many of us have goals and dreams about the changes that need to occur in the world before accessibility and true equality can be achieved for people with disabilities. At a more basic level, we may recognize a particular problem or barrier that stands in the way… Continue reading Action Planning Tools