Advocate for the Ratification of the Marrakesh Treaty

A tablet lays flat on a table and has a small machine attached to it. A girl feels a single line of braille on the machine. An adult guides the girl's hands.

According to the World Blind Union, less than 10 percent of all publications are available in formats accessible for people who are blind or have other print disabilities. The Marrakesh Treaty is an agreement among ratifying countries to adapt copyright laws to make it easier to expand the number of publications available in accessible formats, as well as send accessible formats across country borders.

The Marrakesh Treaty is new, so only a few countries have ratified it so far. Has your country ratified it? If not, some tools are available to help you advocate for your country’s government to ratify the Marrakesh Treaty.

World Blind Union offers:

  • A web page in English, Spanish, and French with more information about the Marrakesh Treaty and how people can help advocate for more countries to ratify the treaty, and other relevant resources.
  • A letter from the World Blind Union addressed to all country governments asking them to ratify the treaty (available for download below in English and Spanish).
  • A list of people at the World Blind Union who you can communicate with, via email, in order to seek more guidance on how to start the process of ratifying the Marrakesh Treaty in your country.

The technology company Benetech also has a page with more talking points you can use with your government to advocate for ratification of the Marrakesh Treaty.

The Accessible Books Consortium is a collaborative effort among multiple stakeholders including the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the World Blind Union, and other organizations. It works to support the Marrakesh Treaty goals via various initiatives designed to increase the availability of books in accessible formats. Visit their website for resources that may help you consider how to make more publications available in accessible formats in your country. A fact sheet about the Accessible Books Consortium is available below in English.