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A woman points at a flip chart paper on a table while another woman write on it. There are two men with physical disabilities behind them watching.
Ensuring Access of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) with Disabilities to Political Life

All persons have the right to participate in political life, according to CRPD Article 29. IDPs and refugees with disabilities may encounter additional barriers as a result of their citizenship status and risk being denied a voice in decision-making.

Un grupo de jóvenes en el taller sostiene paquetes sobre Habilidades Sociales.
Abriendo espacios laborales para los jóvenes con discapacidad

Un taller en habilidades sociales en Perú resultó ser ambiente donde los jóvenes pudieron expresarse libremente, aprender, y consolidar su plan de vida

A group of people with disabilities enter through a large glass door at the department of justice.
Individuals with Mental Health, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and the Criminal Justice System

People with disabilities have the same right to justice and fair treatment as anyone else. However, those with non-apparent disabilities may encounter discrimination within the criminal justice system


Common Cause Across Social Movement

Ladies out for protest

Principle 10: Common Cause Across Social Movements

Social movements are able to create critical mass and sustainability by developing inclusive goals with other social movements

When aiming for improved legal protection, it is important for disability activists to reach out to leaders from other pre-existing social movements who can share expertise and advice on strategies for effective laws, regulations, and policy…

“Implementation of the constitution in line with the CRPD and the existing Kenya Persons with Disabilities Act remains a priority…as well as political representation to ensure existing laws are implemented effectively. We need to work with the government to complement each other’s work .” – DPO in Kenya