Moving Toward Disability Inclusion in Employment

Several cropped photos of a wheelchair user playing tennis, a woman wearing a white lab coat, a young adult with a crutch, and a woman missing one hand inspecting a clay pot.
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The Disabled People’s Association in Hanoi, Vietnam (DP/Hanoi) provides Disability Equality Training (DET) to raise the awareness of non-disabled people about the barriers in the environment that prevent participation and equality for people with disabilities. DP/Hanoi helps training participants understand how they may be inadvertently contributing to a disabling environment and how to break the cycle of accessibility barriers. DET trainers assist training participants in developing concrete action plans for removing barriers that make it harder for people with disabilities to participate in work and their daily lives.

DP/Hanoi has implemented their project as part of an initiative of a partnership between the International Labour Organization (ILO) and Irish Aid.