National U.S. Disability Laws

The laws included on the RightsNow! website are primarily rights-oriented laws that prohibit many different kinds of entities, such as individuals, state and municipal governments, private employers and businesses, and service organizations, from discriminating on the basis of disability. However, we include some explanation and links related to the ongoing federal benefits and support laws that pertain… Continue reading National U.S. Disability Laws

Building Accessible Environments in Developing Countries

Handicap International’s first technical manual in the series How to Build an Accessible Environment in Developing Countries focuses on accessibility standards. The series uses Cambodia as the specific development context but has transferable lessons for building accessible environments in other developing countries. According to Handicap International “an accessible environment must allow for free and safe movement, function… Continue reading Building Accessible Environments in Developing Countries

Inclusive Education Toolkit: Armenia

This toolkit guides trainers in training recipients to enhance the quality of disability inclusive education. It can be used by trainers who train parents, professors, school teachers, politicians, disabled people, and other stakeholders about disability inclusive education. Although this content is primarily meant to be used in Armenia, it may be feasible to adapt some… Continue reading Inclusive Education Toolkit: Armenia

Putting Physical Access Legislation into Practice

Planning accessible meetings, conferences and workshops is very important for including all members of the community, including people with different types of disabilities. These two resources can assist with planning accessible events. 1. The Marae Accessibility Toolkit is targeted at the development of maraes (meeting grounds of the indigenous Māori people of New Zealand) but is relevant for any government and civil… Continue reading Putting Physical Access Legislation into Practice

Promoting Inclusive Teacher Education

This publication set is a series of five guides for anyone who wants to advocate for improvements in pre-service teacher training towards more disability inclusive education. The guides discuss challenges and barriers to inclusive education in different areas of teacher education. They outline ideas for advocates to consider and adapt for effective advocacy towards more… Continue reading Promoting Inclusive Teacher Education

Understanding Legal Capacity

Legal capacity refers to a person’s ability to exercise their legal rights and obligations. For example, a person who has full legal capacity is able to sign contracts to buy or lease property, manage their money, or get a license to marry. Many countries will also connect legal capacity to other rights, such as the… Continue reading Understanding Legal Capacity