'To continue the momentum toward achieving disability rights in Vietnam, participation from all segments of society is needed.'

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RightsNow! Activities in Vietnam

January 2015: MIUSA partnered with Action to the Community Development Center (ACDC) to conduct project activities in Vietnam. ACDC is a disability-led NGO based in Hanoi which works to empower communities of people with disabilities and other marginalized groups, and consults with government agencies on policies impacting the rights of people with disabilities.

Country Map

March 2015: The RightsNow! team conducted a 5-day introductory visit to Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City to identify key thematic areas to focus on regarding the Vietnam Law on Persons with Disabilities (VLPWD) and the CRPD. The U.S. experts met with a wide range of stakeholders such as government agencies, official disabled people’s organizations, and advocacy organizations, as well as the U.S. Embassy and USAID.

October 2015: RightsNow! sent a team of experts in disability rights training and disability law and policies to conduct a five-day training in Hanoi with 26 leaders from 16 provinces who represent disability-led and/or advocacy organizations. Training topics included U.S. and Vietnamese disability laws, coalition building, advocacy, and action planning. As a result of the training, official meetings were held with five Ministries (Transportation, Construction, Education and Training, Health, and Social Affairs) where training participants provided recommendations to each Ministry for strengthening implementation of the law and/or amendments to existing laws and decrees.

May/June 2018: RightsNow! sent a team of experts in disability rights training, law, policies and Deaf rights to conduct a two-day training for Deaf leaders followed by a five-day Training of Trainers (TOT) in Hanoi. The two-day training covered key concepts and principles of disability rights, the ADA and VLPWD, and launched the use of the first Sign Language Interpretation video of the VLPWD. The five-day training brought together 30 cross-disability leaders from around the country, and covered sections of the VLPWD with a comparison of the ADA. The training included the involvement of five Ministries, providing participants a platform to address each Ministry with recommendations and/or questions related to the local laws and decrees. Also during the week, the team prepared TOT participants to conduct cross-disability trainings in their own provinces.

August – September 2018: Nine trainings were co-led by training teams of TOT participants in Da Nang, Hue City, Quang Nam, Vung Tau, Can Tho, Thai Binh, and Hanoi. Each training brought together approximately 30 disability leaders plus government officials, and covered topics of enforcement of the VLPWD, comparison of the ADA and VLPWD, CRPD and SDGs. Each training also included a pre-training for Deaf participants as modeled by the TOT.

2015-2018, the RightsNow! Consortium provided technical assistance to DPOs, CSOs and government on implementation of disability rights laws in Vietnam, which included consultations on legal aid, reasonable accommodation, physical accessibility and monitoring tools for the implementation of the CRPD and national law.

Vietnamese Resources

The key resources below are available in Vietnamese. It is our intention to continue to provide additional resources in Vietnamese.