Wednesday March 2, 2016 22:12:55

Moving Toward Disability Inclusion in Employment

Several cropped photos of a wheelchair user playing tennis, a woman wearing a white lab coat, a young adult with a crutch, and a woman missing one hand inspecting a clay pot.

Case studies of projects improving disability inclusion in employment in Vietnam and other countries ...Read More

Wednesday March 2, 2016 17:23:41

Pilot Project for Technology Training

A young man seated in a wheelchair at a computer desk. Behind him are two more people also using computers.

The Information Technology Training Program (ITTP) was designed for youth with disabilities in Vietnam to improve their employment outcomes and earnings ...Read More

Wednesday September 30, 2015 16:55:31

Partnering with the Government for Disability Rights Promotion

Approximately 40 people from Vietnam stand in a group in front of a banner. Many of the individuals have apparent disabilities and use wheelchairs.

An NGO advances rights through government collaboration, direct services models, and involving the disability community in decision-making ...Read More


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