Toolkit: Violence Elimination against Women with Disabilities

Six different images include: a women instructing a class outdoors, a young child writing on paper, a student pointing to a chalkboard, a young boy inspects an item in his hands, a young child claps, a women works with two children on an assignment.

This toolkit is based on information gathered by DPOs on the experiences of women and girls with disabilities in relation to violence. The research looked at the barriers women with disabilities faced in reporting violence, seeking medical assistance, and seeking support such as counseling.

Although this publication is targeted at organizations in Fiji, much of the content is general enough to be helpful in other countries as well. For example, it provides guidance in engaging the participation of women with disabilities. It also discusses how to remove physical, communication, attitudinal, and policy barriers so that women with disabilities can access justice, services, and facilities meant to serve women experiencing violence.

This publication was produced by the Pacific Disability Forum in 2014.