Friday January 19, 2018 16:59:21

Coalition Building to Prevent Gender-Based Violence (GBV)

Adults seated at tables, all facing in the same direction, raise their arms high in the air.

Using research, shared information, and coalition building to address gender-based violence against women and girls with disabilities in Kenya ...Read More

Monday October 23, 2017 18:10:43

Grassroots Approach to Inclusive Education in Kenya

One boy speaks and gestures with his hands while five other boys listen. Behind them is a group of people in chairs, some of them with disabilities.

District-level plans could help education become a reality for more children with disabilities ...Read More

Tuesday June 6, 2017 03:53:28

Journey Toward the CRPD in Kenya

A man in a dark suit and tie stands next to a large blue banner that says "CRPD 10: Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, 2006 to 2016, Equality and Full Participation"

How the Kenyan government and disabled people's organizations collaborated to ratify the CRPD ...Read More


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