Tuesday March 29, 2016 20:48:55

The Armenian Electoral Experience

A wheelchair user is at the bottom of a ramp into a building

Approaches to enfranchising people with disabilities ...Read More

Wednesday February 10, 2016 17:16:20

A Playground for Everyone

Three children sit on a carousel together. One child is seated on a bench while two use wheelchairs. Adults are taking pictures and filming.

When funding was not enough, Agate NGO mobilized the community to secure donations, volunteers, and other support needed to make their dream a reality ...Read More

Wednesday September 30, 2015 16:40:17

Sports: An Avenue for Disability Advocacy

Men using wheelchairs play basketball on an outdoor court. A large buidling and many spectators appear in the background.

The integration of people with disabilities into Armenian society is making strides through sports programming ...Read More

Wednesday August 19, 2015 14:03:29

Working with Authorities to Ensure Accessibility

A man using a wheelchair and two standing men hold and look at papers in front of a ramp that is being constructed at a building entrance.

For Skarp Health Center NGO in Armenia, infusing one fundamental strategy in all programming has been key to its success: informing local authorities about the main goal of their project and involving them in the implementation process ...Read More


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