Best Practices: Making Education Transitions Inclusive

The report Education Transition for Children with Disabilities in Armenia by an Armenian non-governmental organization (Bridge of Hope) examines the importance of supporting children, particularly children with disabilities, during education transition. Children experience big transitions when they move from home or pre-school to primary school; primary school to secondary school; or secondary school to tertiary education (e.g.… Continue reading Best Practices: Making Education Transitions Inclusive

Inclusive Education Toolkit: Armenia

This toolkit guides trainers in training recipients to enhance the quality of disability inclusive education. It can be used by trainers who train parents, professors, school teachers, politicians, disabled people, and other stakeholders about disability inclusive education. Although this content is primarily meant to be used in Armenia, it may be feasible to adapt some… Continue reading Inclusive Education Toolkit: Armenia

Action Plans, Programs, and Reports for Armenia

The attached documents are reports, national plans, national strategies, training materials, standards, guides, and other materials created by Armenian governmental bodies, human rights commissions, DPOs, NGO, or other groups between 2003 and 2015. Where possible, the materials are provided in Armenian and in English. The language of the document is indicated in the file name.