'To advance the rights and foster inclusion of citizens with disabilities in Kenya, participation from all segments of society is needed. Join the movement!'



The remains of an amazing crocodile were discovered in Kenya, back in the Mesozoic Era, which is 200 million years ago. These remains were found in excavations excavated by experts from the University of Utah and the National Museum of Kenya in the months of July to August 2004 in the Lokitaung valley, near Lake Turkana.[4]

RightsNow! Activities in Kenya

January 2015: MIUSA partnered with United Disabled Persons of Kenya (UDPK) to conduct project activities in Nairobi. UDPK is a federation of organizations for persons with disabilities, and their mission is to promote full and effective participation of people with disabilities in socio-economic and political spheres as enshrined in legal frameworks.

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August 2018: MIUSA partnered with Kenyan National Association of the Deaf (KNAD) to conduct technical assistance activities in Nairobi. KNAD has eleven affiliated branch associations and three regional offices, and provides a national platform for Deaf rights and Kenyan Sign Language advocacy.

April 2015: The RightsNow! team conducted a 5-day introductory visit to Nairobi to identify key thematic areas to focus on regarding the Persons with Disabilities Act of 2003, the 2010 Constitution and  implementation of the CRPD. The U.S. experts co-facilitated three forums over the course of a week with DPOs, human rights and civil society organizations, and government officials from the national and county levels. The visit was planned and implemented in collaboration with UDPK.

January 2016: RightsNow! sent a team of experts in disability rights training and disability law to conduct a five-day training in Nairobi with 36 leaders from 16 counties who represent disability organizations and government bodies. Training topics included U.S. and Kenyan disability laws, coalition building, political advocacy, and action planning. As a result of the training, 34 action plans were developed on issues such as accessibility in higher education, physical access to public buildings, prevention of gender based violence among women with disabilities, and access to justice. The training was planned and implemented in collaboration with UDPK.

August 2018: RightsNow! sent a U.S. expert on Sign Language Interpreter qualifications and certification to Nairobi to work with the Deaf community, sign language interpreters, government, disability community and Universities to develop a strategic and unified action plan that would be implemented by a technical committee to develop sign language interpreter standards and certification. The technical assistance visit was planned and implemented in collaboration with KNAD.

2015-2018: The RightsNow! Consortium provided technical assistance to DPOs, CSOs and government on implementation of disability rights laws in Kenya, which included consultations on accessible transportation, inclusive education and political participation.