Inclusive Training Activities

A woman stands and holds up a poster in Nepali with large illustrations that demonstrate how to mark a ballot correctly. In front of her is a small crowd of men and women seated on the ground.

Trainings are a good opportunity to share knowledge about a specific topic, and support participants in developing the skills they will need to become effective disability rights advocates or allies. Though trainings require a lot of time, they can be fun and energizing if they incorporate group activities.

Sometimes training activities are not fully inclusive of participants with disabilities. This resource provides some general guidelines for facilitating inclusive training activities and some information on how to modify different types of activities so that all participants are able to join and learn.

This resource discusses four different types of activities:

  1. Activities with physical movement
  2. Activities where participants act or perform in front of others
  3. Activities that involve building or arts and crafts
  4. Activities that involve writing, drawing, or reading
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