Creating a Policy Platform

A man wearing a suit and holding documents shakes hands with four men using wheelchairs in an auditorium.

A policy platform is a powerful document that outlines a community’s top priorities most in need of political action. Advocacy groups, including disability rights communities, can use a policy platform as a way to approach government representatives and request their support.

Using a policy platform can affect real change by putting tangible steps into motion, turning discussions into actions. They are most effective during elections, as candidates for elected government offices are often willing to support policies that might help them become elected.

As an advocacy strategy, a policy platform offers many benefits including:

  • Creates a united voice for disability rights communities.
  • Helps politicians and government officials understand what is needed
  • When writing a policy platform, the disability rights community comes together to agree on the most important issues they would like the government to address. Though there will be a lead author, the entire community will have an equal opportunity to participate and make revisions or suggestions, and to support the final product.

A step-by-step guide on how to create a policy platform is available for download below.

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